The App

Keeping fit and staying healthy are two things that should be an aspiration for us all, but at times there is just so much conflicting information out there.  We need more calories to build muscle mass but fewer calories to lose body fat, and yet the more strength we use lifting weights the higher our metabolic rate and the more calories we burn even when we’re no longer lifting weights.  Confused yet?

As personal trainers we are always being told how useful it would be to have an integrated system which could gather all the data about our bodies – the food we eat, the exercise we do, the calories we burn – and then crunch all the numbers to come up with a realistic evaluation of where we are going with our training regimes.  So we thought we’d design one.

A Macronutitional Breakdown

The Health Evaluate app will focus equally on diet, fitness and health.  The intention is that it will process all the information about what we do – whether we are in the gym, out walking or sitting in a restaurant – and give us an overview of our own personal situation.  Information such as how many calories we are consuming and the macronutritional breakdown of the foods we eat will instantly be measured against the amount of energy we expend and the intensity of the training we do to provide an instant personalised report on our condition at any given time.  Throw in measurements taken of our blood pressure and heartbeat and there is little more we really need to know.

The other useful feature of the app will be to provide advice and recommendations for name brand health supplements and training equipment, as well as information on the availability of discounts and special offers.  A veritable encyclopedia of fitness knowledge contained in one handy little app.

Funding the Project

When the app would be launched was always going to be dependent upon us being able to acquire the required funding for the project.  This blog is already helping in this regard, with advertising revenue coming in along with financial contributions from well-wishers.  But it is still very much a work in progress. We truly believe that once this piece of equipment is on the market it will be greatly sought after because it quite simply has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach health, diet and fitness training.  Knowing what we are doing as we go along and how it is working takes the guesswork out of health and exercise.

We at Health Evaluate want our loyal readers and followers to be the first to know when, in the very near future, this exciting development is rolled out.  That means the first to know about exciting discounts and offers, some of which will be exclusive to Health Evaluate customers. So keep looking in, keep on coming back, and please help us in the meantime to build this excellent one-stop resource for the benefit of fitness enthusiasts everywhere.