How Cannabis can Help Cure Insomnia

Sleep Disorder and Marijuana

Sleep is vital for maintaining physical and mental health, yet it flees many adults. American Sleep Association claims that about 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep disorder symptoms. Moreover, the association says that about 30% of the American population will undergo insomnia at some time in their lives while 10% of adults will handle chronic insomnia.

With so many cases of sleep disorders, there has been more interest in some divisive treatment-cannabis. According to the medical marijuana community, cannabis is an effective treatment for sleeping disorders with almost no side effects. Marijuana is an essential sleep aid according to a medical marijuana physician, Dr. Matt Roman. Dr. Roman claims that marijuana restores the natural sleep cycle of a person which is typically affected by the person’s modern lifestyle.


The sleep science via cannabis

This herb contains several cannabinoids, two of which are very common.

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – this cannabinoid has numerous health benefits, and it does not make one feel high due to its nonpsychoactive nature.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – this cannabinoid is psychoactive and thus makes one to feel high. Moreover, this cannabinoid is known for inducing sleep.

Ingesting some strains of marijuana that contain high levels of THC usually reduces the REM sleep that one gets. When lowering the REM sleep, an individual experiences less dreams sleep. Once one has fewer dreams sleep, the person will experience a state of deep sleep which is more restful, restorative part of the cycle of sleep. However, REM is very vital for the immune functioning as well as healthy cognitive, and if one takes higher levels of THC, it could harm one’s quality of sleep if consumed for long-term.


Factors to consider before using marijuana for sleep disorders

Any kind of smoking is hazardous to the health of an individual hence the use of marijuana must be cautious. In addition to this, medical marijuana use is not allowed in several areas. It is advisable to talk to a doctor concerning the sleep cycles. In some cases, there may be health consequences when REM is interrupted as the repair of the immune takes place when one is in a deep sleep. Thus, the use of sleep aid for more extended periods is not recommended. The use of marijuana should be done responsibly as like any other form of smoking makes one vulnerable of COPD. Besides, smoking marijuana can be harmful to one’s health especially those with respiratory conditions and asthma. Use of marijuana is not recommended for those breastfeeding or pregnant women.


How marijuana is ingested for a good night rest

Many people use marijuana through smoking it as a pipe or a joint. For those protecting their lungs, they use THC-rich tinctures or vaping devices which one drops under their tongue. These two methods are familiar to people using marijuana for sleep. Furthermore, it is essential to start with small puffs and not during a work week. As mentioned earlier, overdoing marijuana for sleep disorder may bring about grogginess the following morning. In addition to this, if you’re ordering late night cannabis delivery to help with sleep, timing is essential. Most importantly take note of the high feelings after smoking.