The Case for Home Workouts

With so much competition in the market it has probably never been cheaper, in real terms, to take out membership of a local gym.  The days when it was the exclusive preserve of the relatively wealthy, or an indulgence for which you had to make a huge sacrifice, are long gone.  So why would anybody, in this day and age, want to exercise at home instead?

Let’s face it, exercising at home brings challenges of its own way above and beyond those of the workout itself.  There is the distraction of the television, the call of the fridge, the telephone which you can be sure will start to ring as soon as you assume the most awkward and unrectifiable position upon the mat.  Somebody will knock on the door with a delivery, or else you’ll remember that text or e-mail that just cannot wait to be sent until the set you are doing is completed.  Why would you subject yourself to all that?

Distractions at the Gym

Well to begin with there’s the journey.  Unless you live on top of a gym there’s a good chance you’ll be jumping into the car to travel down there.  Being stuck in traffic or encountering selfish or stupid drivers is unlikely to do much for your stress levels.  What frame of mind will you be in when you arrive?

Then when you do roll up the place may be full of strangers, in which case you may feel conspicuous, or conversely you could be surrounded by your friends.  Would that not be a bigger distraction than anything that might confront you at home?  Are you sure you can complete your workout without drifting into idle conversation about yesterday’s episode of Emmerdale, or the football?

The Obligatory Prima Donna

Also likely to be present at the gym is the inevitable show-off.  Whether you choose to emulate him (let’s be honest, it’s usually a him) and risk injury or – worse – humiliation in the process, or whether you decide to endure your sense of inadequacy in silence, your workout suffers.  And whilst on the subject of your self-awareness, are you confident that your gym attire is not letting you down before n audience of many?  Remember, you can train at home in your undies, or whatever.

Is the equipment they have at the gym the stuff you would have chosen?  Generally local gyms tend to operate on a limited budget and are dominated by the kind of machines and provisions which are most popular with the type of user that it attracts.  How much use is a line of treadmills spanning three postcodes if you’re trying to sculpt your pecs for the beach?

A Home Gym is Cheap, and it’s Yours

It’s quite amazing what you can do with a pair of dumbbells, a sensible selection of weights and a bit of imagination.  You can exercise most body parts, and perform a surprisingly broad range of motions.  What’s more, you can do it at hours to suit yourself, and you’ll never have to disrupt your set as you queue to use it.  There’s a lot going at the local gym, but sometimes working from home can be the better option.