When we put together our ideas for building this blog, and our revolutionary new health and fitness app which will work alongside it, we wanted to adopt a slightly different approach to the one-size-fits-all “lose weight and do more exercise” advice much beloved of the traditional health industry.  Whilst we wouldn’t decry this advice as a useful start for anybody seeking to improve wellness and physical conditioning, we were keen to emphasise that an integrated strategy for health which incorporates the best possible diet and a responsible training programme is by far the best route to achieving optimum results.

Exercise itself breaks down into cardiovascular and resistance training, or if you prefer aerobic or anaerobic exercise.  For all-round fitness neither discipline is preferred to the other, but rather they both need to be employed side by side in order to gain good lean muscle whilst generating stamina and endurance.  Because not only are both desirable outcomes, but one also assists the other – the more stamina a person has the longer and more effectively they can work on the weights, whilst the greater their muscle mass the better their metabolism will be thus complimenting the benefits attained by cardiovascular exercise.  Provide the essential nutrients for both, in the right quantities and at the right times, and a complete programme for increasing health and fitness levels clearly begins to take shape.

We’re Looking for Contributors

The two of us may have acquired a wealth of knowledge between us during our years in the gym, but we do not claim to know everything.  We are always learning.  That is why we are keen to receive the testimony of others who have dedicated time and effort to improving their strength and fitness.

This blog is heading towards some 3,000 visitors each week, and the trajectory is upwards.  Your article will appear before all these readers, many of whom will follow your backlink onto your own website.  So having your article published here will work to your benefit both in terms of increased visits to your own website or blog and for the purposes of search engine optimisation (SEO).  It really is a win-win situation for you.

What Do We Need From You?

Ideally we’d like to see articles of between 500 to 750 words on any topic which has health, diet or fitness as its central theme.  We’d be happy to include your by-line and even a photo along with a short biography – just send us all the relevant information and we’ll make sure it gets included.  Or alternatively, if you would prefer your article to published anonymously or under a pen name then we’re happy to do that also.

Remember, we’re not only looking to fill blog space but also to create a groundbreaking app which will assist users in co-ordinating their efforts to improve their fitness and to accurately measure their progress.  Any information or knowledge you may have which might help us to perfect such a tool would be very welcome indeed.