About Erik and Poppy

Most people at some point in their lives will have concerns about their level of fitness and their general health.  We know so much today about the way in which diet and exercise are interrelated, and how both contribute towards keeping us healthy and free from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, strokes and cardiovascular disease. But it isn’t always easy to put them all together and to extrapolate from all the sometimes conflicting information just what we should be doing for maximum benefit.

We don’t usually need a doctor or a dietician to tell us when we are several stones overweight.  In some aspects maintaining a proper diet and undertaking regular exercise can be a matter of common sense.  But poor health does not always manifest itself in such an obvious way.  Many people with high cholesterol or even diabetes are not noticeably overweight, and physical fitness cannot always be measured by the size of one’s waistline.  To state the obvious, a thin person who leads a sedentary lifestyle may still be considerably less fit than a rugby player or a powerlifter who is carrying some excess poundage.  Our physical appearance can provide us with a guide, but there are other factors which we need to be cognizant of.

Meet the HealthEvaluate Team

We are Erik Golding and Poppy Jamerson, two thirty-something fitness enthusiasts from Cricklewood in North London.  We met when we were both users of a local gym and we soon discovered that we had much in common, both in our attitude to exercise and in our lives in general.  Today we live together and have two children.  We are still in Cricklewood and we still work out together at the same local gymnasium.

Our interest in exercise and our mutual philosophy has inspired us to share what we have learned and to bring together our understanding of the relationship between diet, fitness and overall health into one easily accessible resource, in the form of an app.  Having looked around it seems to us that nobody else is consolidating all this essential information in such a comprehensive and integrated format.

Using Our App to Measure Health and Fitness as One

We are very excited about this project, which will help users to study and assess the relationship between their diet, activity and natural health in a way which will enable them to co-ordinate all three for maximum benefit.  By cross-referencing these separate but entirely interdependent tenets we can be sure that we give ourselves the very best chance of staying fitter and healthier for longer.

To create this application though we need funding, and that is something that this blog can help us to provide.  By building its readership and increasing the number of returning visitors we can generate more advertising revenue to channel into the scheme and bring it to fruition at the soonest possible opportunity.  Please help us to realise our goal by supporting and contributing to this handy resource in any way you can.